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Nicked all his Smurfs? Broke his Action Man?

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Ezekiel [jəħezˈqel]

God will strengthen

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Okay, I am dying here.  Rewatching TWD midseason finale, and when the Gov tells Rick to come down to the fence and talk, Rick is visibly shaking.  He’s shaking.  Andrew Lincoln?  I’m feeling it, honey.  You were born to play Rick.

He really was… as mad as I am at Rick for the Carol thing, I can’t hate him because of how well AL plays him.. well that and he looks great without a shirt!


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walked right into that one


walked right into that one

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Mr. Brightside
The Killers - Hot Fuss (800,307)


I’m comin’ out of my cage and I’ve been doing just fine

Favorite song

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villain extraordinaire →

so I am pretty sure I have some Teen Wolf blogs that follow me, and after a lot of going back and forth, I finally made him.

I know, I know. his sass is too much for me.

I am going to try though, so, feel free to follow or not.

whatever makes you happy. :3

shameless self promotion time.
if you roleplay and or love teen wolf,
go give him some affection.
he isn’t quite done yet but I am working slowly on him okay.

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what the actual fuck just happened.


I look away for like two seconds and Brian is feeding his best friend to zombies screaming I DON’T WANT IT.

like okay calm down you lil bitch,

don’t take it then.

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god who fucking cares. who fucking cares. who fucking cares. everyone stop being offended and mad over the smallest shit ever. ask urself who the fuck fucking cares

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…did i just witness a three-way crossover


yes i did

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Oh but how were we to know
That these are the days that bind you together, forever
And these little things define you forever, forever

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okay so is it just me,

or did these commercial breaks get cut by like twenty minutes?



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Alright. I have been hearing a lot of shit about this episode.

Time to watch and probably scream and yell.

I am not prepared.

Eh… I was disappointed. The Walking Governor isn’t my favourite thing in the world.

WELL THEY ALREADY FUCKED UP HIS STORY SO, there is nothing left for me towards his character. They tried to do it by the book but that waited WAY too late. That shit they showed was going on when Penny was still alive in the book. Hell, when PHILIP was still alive.

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Jensen “Piece of Ass” - I got kind of a disappointed look from him and then he chuckled.

Misha “Tie me to the Bed Post” - He didn’t get a chance to read the card but when I told Jensen that’s the one I had him sign he said that was very fitting for Misha.

Jared “Sex on the Beach” - I let him choose between that card and he was like, “SEX sex sexsexsex, I pick sex. Seeeeex.”

Osric “Coastal Kiss” - I had him choose between that card and “Passionate Virgin” and he got a good laugh.

Mark P. “Latin Lover” - He just kind of stared at it for a long time (probably trying to memorize the recipe).

Mark S. “Hasta La Vista Baby” - He smiled.

Sebastian “Old Lay” - I let him pick and he said old lay describes him perfectly.